I have been tinkering with computer probably since I was 4. Passionated, two friends and I co-founded a company during my bachelor in computer science in Lausanne.

I am also fond of Graphics Design, beautiful interfaces, fonts, fluid interaction and cats.


Most of my work is done in private repositories, however, you can enjoy some visualisation of my activity.

Recent projets

ongoing, oct 2017 Cully Jazz Festival

  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Docker
  • Puppeteer
  • ReactJS

Work in progress. Create a new smooth web experience for the Cully Jazz festival and interface it with internal ERP and eticketing service. Part of the project consist to scrape old content and reinsert it through Puppeteer into the new ERP (lack of entrypoints to do otherwise).

feb-jun 2017 Analysis of the CFS Linux Scheduler

  • EPFL
  • C
  • Ruby

Enumerate an describe heuristics used. This is also an overview of the CFS features which didn’t exist until now. This project involved code reading as well as scripting.

sep 2017 Museum game with NFC tags

  • Pi
  • C
  • Lua
  • OpenGL

Implementation of a game using NFC tag hidden in wooden blocks to answer questions. Creation of a state machine representing all game states and translation from vectorized graphics into screens implemented with Info-beamer and Lua languages on a Raspberry Pi with OpenGL and shaders. Interface with an NFC SPI card and C code. Also includes the complete reliable deployment of the image on site.

You can see it live at the Archéolab Museum, Pully for the Archéoanimaux exhibition

jun 2017 Automated customer registration for shared hosting

  • Scala
  • API

To dip toe in the water, developped an automation software to register new customer into the shared hosting system and various other services (DNS, 3rd party services, billing) entirely with Scala both on the backend (through http4s) and the frontend (with ScalaJS and Binding.scala). Updated my view on the Scala ecosystem and had a good review of the cross compilation option given by sbt.

jun 2017 trainvapeur.ch

  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • Sysadmin

Developped and maintained a train booking system as benevolent to help an association to sell ticket for an old renovated steam train. Developped using Rails and InfernoJS. I also used the opportunity to test some automatic booking system to optimize seating plan. Nothing has been released from it so far. Integration with Dropbox for the content and sales statistics and with Stripe.

mar 2017 DATE17, IOT Challenge

  • Hackathon
  • C

2rd place at IOT challenge during one day @ EPFL by team of two. Challenge was to use the sdk to connect and find correct frequency and solve questions.

feb 2017 Wisepik

  • Hackathon

Member of a team of three. At the intersection between the fidelity program of food retailer which keeps tracks of your buy habits, nutritional data from OpenFood, idea was to improve one’s nutrition by submitting, once per shop visit a product which may be good for you you don’t know or you don’t buy frequently enough, one step at a time. During the hackathon we’ve been able to develop a graphic identity, a ReactNative app which demonstrated the ergonomic and a scraper for Migros Cumulus (which were unfortunately not directly available at time) website with PhantomJS.

jul-sep 2017 Twitter sentiment inference with deep learning

  • Python
  • Tensorflow
  • Keras

jul-sep 2017 La Nuit des Musées

  • Ruby
  • JS
  • Scala
  • GoLang

Multiple part projet to highlight all content from 20s of museums, 500s of events. Ruby on Rails app (RailsAdmin gem) to gather information, InfernoJS (alternative to ReactJS) client-side app to offer an almost offline enabled experience (museum’s wall are thick!), Scala code to generate the most interesting quizz to select the best quizz and single binary HTTP router with Go and Redis to ensure best performance. All of this wasn’t required but was a nifty opportunity to deploy all such software. All the parts have been integrated in our Gitlab-CI and everything is automatically packaged. The organizer and guest had the best experience in years !

sep-jan 2016 Carpenter

  • EPFL
  • C++
  • Qt
  • JS

Created a software to help carpenter apprentices to learn statics physics

dec 2014 Cofounded Hawaii Interactive

  • Entrepreneurship

Created a software to help carpenter apprentices to learn statics physics


2016 Bachelor in Computer Science

  • EPFL
  • GPA: 5.5/6
  • Option: Software Construction

2019 Master in Computer Science

  • EPFL


Software engineering

Daily code

  • Scala
  • Javascript
  • Elixir
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • PHP

Monthly code

  • C
  • Java
  • Swift


  • Continuous integration
  • Kernel programming
  • Functionnal programming


  • Code review
  • Automated deployment
  • Cost estimation
  • Offers creation
  • Training of hires
  • Team working
  • Wisdom of ancient sharing
  • Vulgarization


  • Understanding Datacenter Software Dynamics
  • Machine Learning
  • Applied Data analysis
  • Operating Systems
  • Database Systems
  • Functionnal programming
  • Foundations of Software
  • Distributed Algorithms
  • Multiprocessor Architecture


  • IntelliJ
  • macOS
  • Sketch
  • Telegram
  • Flux
  • SourceTree
  • Docker
  • Alfred
  • Veeeam backup